About Me

I spent two years of college bouncing from major to major, trying to answer the age old question: What do I want to do with my life? Sure I could take a practical route and major in something that would increase my chances of finding a job upon graduation. It is for this reason that I briefly majored in Radiology (What was I thinking, right?). My adviser took one look at my file and told me I was too smart for this and that I should become a doctor or a nurse if I was interested in medicine. That’s when the light bulb went off. As I walked out of her office, it hit me. I hate science. I hate business. I hate engineering. I’m not a practical person. I’m an academic at heart. I could spend hours in the library researching the use of satire in Chaucer and be perfectly content. Everything suddenly became clear…I would become an English Major (cue sounds from heaven). I love books. I love everything about books, from the way they smell to the way they feel, but I also really love to write and being an English Major gave me the opportunity to do just that.  It made perfect sense to major in what I love. I had made a decision. I had figured out my path. From then on I had an answer for when people asked “What is your major?” but what I was unprepared for was the questioned that followed, “What are you are you going to do with it?” Five years after graduation and I’m still trying to figure that out. I currently work in advertising if that says anything. Of course my original plan was to get my masters and then my Ph.D, but then life happened. What I do know is that my passion for writing has not faltered.  As I look back on how my life has played out and the choices that I have made, I realize I have no regrets. I don’t regret choosing to major in English literature. In fact, I loved every second on my college experience. I am proud of my decision. Sure, it didn’t prepare me for the job market. I stumbled into advertising on my own, but I have no remorse. The only thing I miss is being able to write.  I’m not a poet or novelist.  I’m just someone who likes to use my brain.   I let years go by without making any real effort to write anything, but then one wine fueled night I was inspired to write this blog.  I found that while I am drinking, I have my best ideas.  I love wine.  The taste, the smell, the way it makes me feel, and even those pesky dark stains that I have on my lips the next morning.  I guess I should point out that although I am passionate about my wine, I do not have a drinking problem.  I am just someone you enjoys indulging in some vino once a week or so.  I have decided to not let my brilliant, wine induced thoughts go to waste.  My musings will become the content of my blog—books, politics, life, love, religion, art (my other passion)…  Wherever the wine takes me, is where I will go.